Lion Farming, Trophy Hunting & Conservation

In 2018 came across the book ‘Cuddle Me ~ Kill Me’ by Richard Pierce, it opened my eyes to lion farming in South Africa. Richards books are real page turners & soon as I finished reading it, I took a volunteering trip to Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary who’s lion Obi & Oliver featured in the book, the journey of two brothers bred to be shot, one for trophy hunting, the other for his bones to be shipped to Asia.

At my last event we screened Blood Lions, Richard came & spoke about lion farming & showed a trailer of ‘Lions, Bones & Bullets’ he promised me that once it was completed he would be happy for me to screen it & now here we are, one of the first UK public screenings of the 53 minute documentary sized edit.

This is an event which was due to happen two years ago, sadly a world wide pandemic had other ideas, but it is back & rescheduled for October 15th in Bristol. The screening will be accompanied with a panel debate & audience participation.

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