Lions, Bones & Bullets ~ Bristol, 15th October

We shall be screening the hour long t.v edit of Lions, Bones & Bullets at the event Lion Farming, Trophy Hunting & Conservation, this will be one of the first UK screenings of the film for the general public along with a panel debate between conservationists & trophy hunters.

The film by Richard Pierce has been made following the succes of Cuddle Me ~ Kill Me, a book which tells the story of Obi & Oliver, brothers born into the lion farming industry in South Africa, their story is followed up with the stastics of lion farming. After reading this incredible, lifechanging book, I went to South Africa to volunteer at the sanctuary Obi & Oliver now call home.

In brief, the life cycle of a farmed lion ~ over bred & taken after birth, hand reared for ‘cub cuddling’ experiences, moved on for ‘walking with lions’ expereinces, back to the farm to be shot by ‘trophy’ hunters or for their bones to be shipped to Asia.

The Documentary is hard hitting, I know Richard found himself in some precarious situations, it’s an award winning must see for anyone who cares about the plight of lions & indeed the fragile existance of the wildlife of South Africa. Richard will be on the panel to speak about his journey & findings.

The event will be hosted by Peter Egan who also narrated the film & who will give you an opportunity to join in the debate.

Richard Peirce’s Statement

Every animal book I have written has opened my eyes, and none more so than Cuddle Me, Kill Me. I tried to do the research for the book starting with an open mind. My mind did not take long to close. Lion farming involves exploitation, cruelty, injustice, misconception, fraud, corruption, is a threat to wild lion populations, and the list goes on. It is mind-blowing in terms of the huge negativity involved and has no redeeming aspects. 

The book provided some answers but mostly led to more questions, and I wanted to follow the trail to the end and let the world know what I found. I am basically a communicator, and when I met Anton and Jasmine I knew that making a film of the rest of my journey would result in an effective communication tool.

We all believe in the same things, are all fair, and all three of us tried to approach making Lions, Bones & Bullets with open minds.  We tried to be objective all through the process, but right is right, and wrong is wrong, so objectivity was often ‘mission impossible’.

I think our film is fair, and objective as far as is possible, and I want its message to get out there – for the lions. Lions are a flagship species, what happens to lion populations will be a major factor in determining the future of wild animals in Africa.

We look forward to seeing you at the event, it’s sure to be a lively rollercoaster of a day, a unique opportunity to hear both sides of the trophy hunting story.


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