Ukutula Lion Park & Lodge ~ please be aware, when somewhere claiming to be conservationists are breeding animals & putting them to work in the tourist industry, not long after birth ~ THEY ARE NOT CONSERVATIONISTS & YOU should not be giving them your money to pay for a holiday, to pay for a day trip or to pay for a volunteering experience ~ because YOUR money will ultimately pay for their death

If you visit Trip Advisor & Expedia, you will see 5* ratings, of course the chance to cuddle a cub or walk with a young lion or cheetah is the opportunity of a lifetime, BUT PLEASE THINK, where do you think this constant supply of cubs comes from ?? there are tigers in the tourism/cub cuddling industry ~ TIGERS are not native to Africa ~ why do you think they are there ?? what do you think happens to this CONSTANT supply of cubs when they get too big for tourists to enjoy ~ do you think they go off to a nice retirement village ?? NO they go off to be shot by ‘trophy hunters’ or they are slaughtered & their bones are shipped off to ASIA & if YOU ~ now that you have been made aware of their futures STILL visit places like Ukutula ~ THEIR BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS !!

The truth about volunteering at Ukutula ~ by somebody who knows,

A lion carcass is hung out, as shown in the hard-hitting documentary Blood Lion, made to highlight the sick trade

I would implore people to boycott ANYWHERE that offers any kind of baby animal cuddling, animal riding, animal performances, all these things come with unimaginable cruelty

I would also encourage people to read ‘Cuddle Me ~ Kill Me’ by Richard Pierce, it opened my eyes to what is going on in South Africa, open your eyes too !!



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