FANTASTIC news ~ The Guatemalan Government has made the country the 35th to ban the use of animals in circuses !! Animal Defenders International have had SIX tigers, including cubs, surrendered to them. PLEASE donate to help them bring them to their new home

The Guatemalan government is prosecuting those refusing to surrender animals following the country’s circus ban. This circus has decided to surrender their last six tigers: Itsa, Bimba, Sombra, Lupe & two cubs!


In total of 54 lions and tigers have been identified as circus captives by ADI. A tiger paws the bars of its cramped cage at Circo Ponce 

He is reaching out for your help

A tiger in a cage at a circus in Guatemala Tigers living in cramped conditions at a Guatemalan circus

British charity Animal Defenders International is attempting to save the animals from being sold to private owners with no experience of looking after them


I love Animal Defenders International, I believe their work is outstanding, so much so that I do a monthly donation to them, it would be AMAZING if you could too, if not, could you at least donate a little to give these cubs a much happier future

I ~ them & ADI would be sooooo grateful !!

You can donate straight to them or on my Facebook page

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