My heart is heavy as I lose a friend

Tonight I had planned to announce yet another great name to the #TEAMEARTH event, however, on the bus to work, I opened up Facebook to find the passing of someone who had stolen my heart on my first volunteering trip at N/a’an ku se, I spent the rest of the journey in tears.

Shrinky is four years old, found abandoned as a baby, she had brain scans & it was concluded that most likely she had brain damage as a result of her chord being wrapped around her neck in birth.

Shrinky made an appearance on Paul O’Gradys Animal Orphans & was the darling of N/a’an ku se, she lived her life with the youngest baboons, she was away with the fairies & happily so, always enjoyed her trips out with the troupe, snuggling with volunteers, the love of Abraham & being carried home, the privilege of which she bestowed on me on our last walk together.

It is impossible to not fall under the charm of Shrinky & I would have to argue that if you didn’t, then you surely can’t have a heart.

Shrinky is the girly in the picture with me, in my final blog on my time with N/a’an ku se, there is a sentence to her & Ebony, telling them that I was relying on them to still be there when I get around to a return visit, sadly I now know that that can never be, my heart is broken.

Be free of beautiful girl & know that you were truly loved by all who had the privilege to be in your presence.

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