#TEAMEARTH ~ Don’t forget ~ Blood Lions, the award winning documentary on the atrocity which is lion farming in South Africa will be screened 4th May 2019 at The Watershed, Bristol

This is a subject which has become very close to my heart, two weeks ago I returned from two weeks volunteering with cat’s (yes it’s not just lions) rescued from this monstrous industry. Whilst at the sanctuary I attended two tours (they endeavor to make the tourists aware of what they may be paying for if they become involved in cub cuddling), each time I was in tears, having read Richard Peirce’s book ‘Cuddle Me ~ Kill Me’, & now here I was in the presence of the very lions featured in the book, rescued from a breeding farm & now magnificent ambassadors for their species.

We shall also be showing Richards trailer to the film ‘Lions, Bones & Bullets’ out next summer, supporting the book, he will also be doing a book signing (his books are a great read, I have also enjoyed ‘The Poachers Moon’ & ‘Giant Steps’) as well as doing a talk on the subject ~ a must see for anyone who can attend the event.

I have entered a blogging competition, which I have no chance of winning, BUT, have a read, would be great if you can share & fantastic if you would like to give it a vote.

I do believe we can shut this industry down, but we have to make people aware, we have to spread the word, we have to make them think twice about ‘cub cuddling’ & ‘lion walking’, after all, if we can cut it off at it’s knee’s we stand a better chance of burying it !!


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