Great News !! My blog post submitted for Wildlife Blogger of the Year 2018, now has THIRTY THREE votes!! Cuddle Me ~ Kill Me, a story of the lion farming industry in South Africa #73

The bad news is positions 1 & 2 have over 900 ~  BUT ~ that’s AT LEAST another TWENTY TWO people who have read the story of lion farming in South Africa !!

I am 37th out of 93, which considering this is my first attempt & I don’t really have many followers being new to it, I think I am not doing too badly, and I must say an ENORMOUS thankyou to those that have gotten on line & taken the time to vote for the article, we really need to spread this story & keep up the fight for these lions.

Anybody reading this who hasn’t already voted, I would be SO grateful if you could AT LEAST share, tweet, get the story out there & if you could take a few seconds to vote ~ then that’s even better, the top 2 have over 900 votes each, I can’t win, but the message is more important !!

Will keep you all updated.


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