Thankyou to all who have followed me.

BIG thankyou to Ian Redmond, Dan Richardson, Dominic Dyer & Richard Peirce who have readily agreed to appear at my conservation day even though they do not know me, it is VERY much appreciated.

Another thankyou to those who are allowing me to show their films.

Thankyou to the charities who are coming along on the day, I hope it proves valuable to you !!

Thankyou to all those who work tirelessly for animals all over the world & the charities that work to help every species that walk this increasingly fragile planet.

HUGE thankyou to N/a’an ku se, where it all began for me !!

A special thankyou for Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection, for readily accepting the babies that are arriving so quickly & Animal Defenders International ~ both of whom I support monthly.

I hope this year see’s

The end of trophy hunting

The beginning of the end of poaching

The end of cub cuddling, lion walking & lion farming in South Africa

The end of extinction

The beginning of Asia realising they do not need to consume these precious animals in any form

The understanding of man, that without us all species will thrive, without them, there is no us

we need










Happy Christmas EVERYONE

In loving memory of Shrinky





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