#TEAMEARTH Conservation Day, Bristol, May 2019

The event is starting come together, we now have both of our full length films booked.

Seven charities so far & awaiting confirmation of several more ~ there will be 12 ~ 15 altogether!!

Three short films so far, covering birds, orangutans & chimpanzees, plus the brand new trailer to ‘Lions, Bones & Bullets’ the film to accompany ‘Cuddle Me ~ Kill Me’ by Richard Peirce, who will be doing a talk & book signing.

Ian Redmond OBE, Dominic Dyer, Badger Trust CEO & Dan Richardson, Born Free patron, will all be doing talks, Dan may also do a cheeky little display of his photo’s !!

So it’s looking like this

teamearth logo

4th May 2019

The Watershed



Ian Redmond OBE ~ Ape Alliance

Dan Richardson, Born Free Patron

Dominic Dyer, CEO Badger Trust

Richard Peirce, Conservationist & author


Cinema 2

Blood Lions


Waterside 1

Blood Island ~ BAFTA winning Lindsey Parietti

Keeper of the Call ~ Billy Clapham

The Lost Person of the Forest ~ Deya Ward



Welsh Pony Rescue & Rehoming

Hedgehog Rescue

Animals Asia

Animal Equality

Animal Tails Charity Books

Avon Wildflife Trust


Surprise ~ OVAID

Toy hedgehog  ~ Hedgehog Rescue

Bundle of four books & cuddly toy ~ Animal Tails Charity Books

Tickets https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/teamearth-conservation-day-tickets-54097952432

Follow https://www.facebook.com/thewildlifevolunteerteamearth  for all the updates in one easy place !!

Please be advised that our guest speakers are leading conservationists, whilst they are 100% committed to helping me with my event, if something in the world of animals calls them, they will need to put that first


If you would like to show your short film, be a guest speaker or one of our charities, please feel free to message me thewildlifevolunteer.teamearth@gmail.com



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