Welcome to the lion farming industry in South Africa ~ wonder if this one is off to a ‘trophy hunt’ or perhaps he’s off to donate his bones to Asia !!

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PLEASE, PLEASE talk to your friends, TELL THEM if they cuddle a cub this year or walk with lions whilst on holiday THIS, THIS is what they are REALLY paying for & we need to make it stop.

Cubs are taken from their overbred mothers soon after birth, volunteers PAY to hand raise cubs which they are told are orphans, this isn’t true, but apparently so well rehearsed that is apparently easy to believe.

The cubs will spend their young lives been handled by tourists ~ used as photoprops, once they become too big for this, they move on to the ‘walking with lions’ faze of the tourist industry, taught to perform & pose again as photo props.

These early years of the working lions lives needs to STOP, if we as tourists STOP cuddling cubs & walking with lions, we can hopefully cut the lion farming off at the knees.

The farms need to have the cubs raised at no cost to themselves, they do not want the expense of growing the lions to be suitable for ‘trophy’ or  ‘canned’ hunting or a decent set of bones.

There is no way we will ever convince vile hunters to stop their desire to kill & I don’t believe we can educate Asia that their belief in animal parts in medicine is ridiculous, BUT SURELY if we inform tourists what they are ACTUALLY paying  for ~ then we can STOP the demand for a constant supply of cubs & start to slow down the farming industry, hopefully to a grinding halt

If those of us who love to volunteer RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH the projects they are interested in, then that is another way to ensure money does not go into this vile industry. Although I have only volunteered twice, I am starting to build up contacts, if I can help any potential volunteers with their choices, please feel free to contact me, I am sure I can find out if your chosen project is ethical across many species.

PLEASE lets come together to end this in any way we can ~ these sick, overbred lions NEED our help ~ let’s give it to them

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Image result for trophy hunting                    Image result for trophy hunting Image result for trophy hunting

It all starts with THIS

                 Image result for cub cuddling Image result for lion walking

Let’s talk about it, let’s inform people, let’s STOP it !!

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