The story of my #TEAMEARTH logo

teamearth logo

When I decided I needed a logo, I had a clear image in my mind what I wanted & it wasn’t a computer generated logo, I wanted it to be more, I wanted it to be personal. The other problem I had was I expected it to cost a lot of money, and I had none. I did a post asking for help & all I got back was new Twitter followers offering to do cheap computer generated logo’s, which I had made clear in the post that that wasn’t what I wanted.

The logo was always going to be about Ebony, a cheetah cub I had met at N/a’an ku se. They had a call to say that a cheetah & her two cubs had been involved in a road traffic accident, could they come & collect them.

On arrival, there was no sign of the mother & one of the cubs, just Ebony who’s pelvis & rear end was clearly damaged. They could not get to to bottom of what happened to the other cheetahs, so reluctantly just left with the little one they named Ebony.

When I met Ebony, she had not imprinted on humans, which was considered unusual as it generally takes about three months to gain their trust, she was about eight months old & her enclosure was on the way to my tent, I would spend time with her every time I passed, to start with she would grimace & sometimes hiss, but as time went on (& I remembered to take my sunglasses off) she became more tolerant of me, not necessarily friends, but she wouldn’t try to move away, & sometimes would roll on her back & there was even a tiny purr one time.

I was really sad to leave her, especially as we had developed some kind of tiny bond or mutual understanding & respect.

So, hadn’t had much luck with asking on line with help for a logo, I was wandering through The Galleries in Bristol & a uni graduate had a pop up shop exhibiting her art work, I got chatting to her & she said she could do my logo at a REALLY good price.

As luck would have it, her partner is a graphic designer, so I provided them with Ebony’s picture, & ideas on how I wanted the name & the animal silhouettes. Maria did the water colour of Ebony’s face, Tyrone did all the rest, including digitising it, so that I can re~size it to use on all kinds of media.

The logo is pretty much how I imagined it to be, some people told me it wouldn’t work, far to complicated, even my daughter who generally encourages everything I do. But I stuck to my guns & thanks to Maria & Tyrone I have a beautiful logo, with a lot of sentiment & one that I am very proud of.


Maria Quintin is a Bristol based artist and print-maker. Having a keen interest in nature, she works to learn more about the complexity of its design and to share her findings through her art. She uses simple natural forms as a way to investigate larger questions of identity, spirituality and what it means to be human. Using shape, form and colour, she has been pushing materials and scale to experiment and contrast these themes, turning micro into macro macro as she invites the viewer to immerse themselves into a microscopic world.

Tyrone Parry is a creative with skills in graphic design, motion design, interactive design, and traditional and 360° filmmaking. With a degree in Filmmaking and Creative Media, he uses his wider knowledge of different medias available for advertising and promotion to create well-rounded and interactive product experiences, rather than simple advertisements. His attention to detail and ability to incorporate these different media outlets is what separates him from the average graphic designer.

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