#TEAMEARTH ~ Guest Speaker Richard Peirce

I came across Richard when is his book ‘Cuddle Me ~ Kill Me’ came up for sale on the Born Free Foundation Facebook page.

I bought the book & proceeded to read it on my long bus journeys to work. It opened my eyes to something I had never heard of, lion farming in South Africa.

I have done many posts & will continue to on this industry, so not going to go into detail about it here, just to say this vile industry has become something that I will fight, along with others to bring an end to & I thank Richard for enlightening me to this subject which has become very important to me.

“A searing investigation into captive lion breeding and canned hunting in South Africa.  A must read for anyone interested in this sector or thinking of volunteering to rear lion cubs. Cuddle Me, Kill Me follows ITV’s The Cook Report, Gareth Patterson’s Dying to be Free, and Blood Lions exposing how the king of the animal world has been reduced to being farmed like domestic livestock.  Part of the author’s royalties are being donated to the Born Free Foundation.

I have also read ‘Poachers Moon’

This book is a fantastic account of what happened at Fairy Glen, and I am sure it will be a big success not only as a true story but also from an educational perspective. Reading Poacher’s Moon brought back both painful and happy memories. As someone who wasn’t there at the time of the tragic events, Richard has captured what happened with almost uncanny accuracy.

Pieter de Jager, Owner of Fairy Glen Reserve

And ‘Giant Steps’

Giant Steps is the true story of two elephants in South Africa, and contains strong conservation and awareness messages.

I love reading Richards books, they are a straight to the point, no nonsense read & I can’t wait for his new book about pangolins, the most trafficked species in the world, which he is researching now is published.

Richard will be at #TEAMEARTH all day, he will spend an hour talking about the lion industry, the book & showing the trailer to his film ‘Lions, Bullets & Bones’ which will be out in the summer.

Richard will be doing book signings & I wholly encourage you to get yourself some of his books, he also writes about sharks, I am sure you will enjoy them !!


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