We have our ninth charity to book a table at #TEAMEARTH Conservation Day 2019 ~ League Against Cruel Sports

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For as long as hunting wild animals with dogs has existed, people will have been opposed to it. The League Against Cruel Sports was founded in 1924 with the aim of banning fox hunting, stag hunting, otter hunting, hare hunting and hare coursing in the UK.

Today, sadly, we are still campaigning on many of the same issues. The League is known for being instrumental in bringing about the Hunting Act 2004 which banned hunting with hounds in England and Wales, yet we are still fighting to protect foxes, hare and deer from illegal hunting which takes place far too frequently across the UK.

Another of our key campaigns is dog fighting, which despite being banned in 1835, still continues on the UK’s streets and out of sight in unused buildings. Our Project Bloodline operation aims to educate policy makers about the prevalence of dog fighting, investigate the people who take part, and protect the dogs who are used in this terrible activity.

The League directly protects animals on our sanctuaries and other land – covering around 3000 acres – where we have the ‘sporting rights’, meaning that no-one is allowed to hunt or shoot animals. Our sanctuaries have come under attack from those who wish to harm animals, but our team protects our borders, particularly during the stag hunting season. Baronsdown in particular is host to a huge range of birds, animals and insects, including red deer, foxes, badgers, an important population of butterflies and rare birds such as the pied flycatcher. As a result, Baronsdown is home to a huge array of thriving wildlife.


Thankyou for signing up to attend #TEAMEARTH ~ great to have you on board !!

To buy your ticket to the event please visit

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