Bicycles are for riding NOT elephants !!

So I do go on about spreading the word to all we meet about cub cuddling & lion walking in South Africa, because those lions have been bred to be killed, but they are not the only creatures we need to protect from the tourism industry & human greed.

Elephants are taken from their families to have their spirits broken in order that tourists may ride them, can you imagine how much torture these enormous creatures endure to make them ‘safe’ for you to enjoy ??

Once in the hands of humans, whether it be for riding, circus’s or to be used in the logging industry, their lives are miserable & full of pain ~ do you really want to pay for that ??

The fact is ~ animals NEED US to speak up for them, you do not need to be in the conservation world to make changes, WE can all talk to everyone we meet & tell them why animals need us more than ever to make selfless choices for their best interests.

At #TEAMEARTH we shall be showing Unchained about captive elephant welfare in Nepal, the director Alec C Rivera will be there to represent Elephant Aid International & to talk about the subject along with a Q&A

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