Dorsen is EIGHT years old, his mother is dead & he works in the mines for as little as EIGHT PENCE, his little body aches, one day he may be in a mine shaft when it collapses

all for us to have smart phones. Once again China is the main client of this barbaric trade, followed by America

Have you ever heard of coltan?
It’s an essential mineral for our smartphones and the aerospace industry.
It is extracted in the mines of the Congo, controlled by warlords that after raiding the nearby provinces, kill and rape.
Slaves who extract this mineral are children of 7 AND 8 years working for $ 3-4 a day.
Watch this video and share, to remind the forgetful that Africa is a rich continent, but we are western to exploit it.
We kill their animals for trophys & potions, we sentence their children to abuse & probably death
Aren’t we just so civilized in the Western World

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