I would like to introduce you to the newly discovered Tapanuli orangutan, numbered at less than 800 it is already doomed to extinction, because China wants to build a dam

Please watch this beautiful piece of film, EVEN IF we put aside the plight of the orangutan, can we REALLY afford to lose this forest & all the species of animals & plants that it homes, it’s totally stunning & serene

China wants to build a damn right through it, this will have devastating consequences for so many species

There will be world wide protests on 21st March outside The Bank Of China banks who will be funding the Batang Toru dam


There is also a mass letter writing campaign

Find the template, info on the dam and pointers about how to write to the Bank of China attached below. Write out your own letter, preferably by hand and with a personalised twist from the template.

Drop it off or send it to 45 Pembroke Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 3BE so we can send off the letters in bulk.

The dam is in progress and we need to act before the Tapanuli orangutans are lost forever.




You may not have time to attend a protest, but EVERYBODY has time to write a letter, so many species are depending on it


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