HELP can anyone advise me on gastric ulcers in horses

Snickers is 7 in May, my daughter bought him November 2017.

He was advertised as ridden though not properly broken, however when we sent him away for schooling the following February the problems started to show.

He was clearly anxious, when we got him home (not nearly having achieved what he should have) we consulted the vet, he was scoped & ulcers showed up, many treatments, supplements etc later,Snickers is still struggling, his latest scope a few weeks ago showed fresh ulcers.

The woman we got him from (who was his 3rd home) clearly lied.

Snickers is beautiful, despite his issues, there is no nastiness in him at all, but we are at our wits end as to what to do for him to heal these ulcers & calm his anxiety.

ANY help will be greatly appreciated

In the last lot of snow

Image may contain: horse, sky and outdoor

Image may contain: sky, horse and outdoor

Image may contain: horse, outdoor and nature

As a baby

Image may contain: sky, outdoor and nature

Apparently when he was first bought by the from the breeder

Image may contain: sky, tree, horse, grass, plant, cloud, outdoor and nature

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