They just want to live their lives, in their domains, they don’t understand borders or human greed ~ PLEASE stop consuming palm oil

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She has been hacked at & her eyes are damaged from gun pellets, she has been named Hope, her baby took it’s last breath on the way to sanctuary

Animals are dying all around the world for our greed & gratification, I am sure if we all came together & say NO, stop handing our money to ultimately pay for the deaths of innocent creatures, we can be the change, because without demand ~ there is no supply

If you can’t give up palm oil, at least go sustainable (though having red Panda Leaks, dark side of the WWF, I am not entirely sure there is such a thing)


Orangutan Information Centre

Sunday Tragic Evacuation

Our HOCRU team is having a very hard rescue operation time. Receiving information from BKSDA Aceh due to the presence of injured orangutan in Bunga Tanjung village, Sultan Daulat subdictrict, Subulussalam city of Aceh province, our team checked on the area and found a female orangutan along with her baby being isolated inside of oil palm plantation belongs to a local residence. Through tranquilization, both of the orangutans were evacuated by the joint team of OIC HOCRU team, @bksdaaceh and WCS team on Sunday (10th March 2019). To our shock, this mother orangutan was found with serious injuries from sharp tools on her right arm, left finger and right leg. She also has both of her eyes being damaged because of air riffle bullets whereas the baby was found with a very weak condition. The team rushly took these poor mother and baby to the quarantine centre. Unfortunately, on the way to the quarantine centre, this estimated 1 month old orangutan baby took his last breath on this hard rescue operation. According to our vet, the baby can’t make it due to sustaining serious traumatic and malnourished condition. At the moment, they are still on the way to Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) quarantine centre. This orangutan, that we named Hope after thousand hopes for her future, is one of most tragic orangutan that we ever come across. On the top of everything, she is on the way to the safe hands. Our team keep trying our best to save these orangutans in need. Help them to save more by donating now.

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