Palm oil ~ not so sustainable

Dr Willie Smits is the cofounder of Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) these are the stars of Orangutan Jungle School.
He is there on the ground rescuing the precious orangutans who’s families & homes are being devastated by palm oil.
Dr Willie Smits has spoken against palm oil monocultures (of any kind) for many years. There is no evidence to support claims palm oil monoculture is sustainable in SE Asia, let alone regenerative’
I have read ‘Panda Leaks,  dark side of the WWF’ which opened my eyes to the truth & now I have heard directly from Dr Smits, reinforcing what I have read, now call me crazy, but I would take the word of those dealing with the fall out of the palm oil industry than those who support those who are making BILLIONS out of it!!
Iceland has taken flak for making many of their products palm oil free, the conclusion is that if you boycott it completely the problem will be transferred to other crops with a lower yield, thus requiring more land, ‘sustainable’ is the way to go, however those ‘producing’ sustainable palm oil, are not acting within the regulations & the regulations are not being enforced, simply put ‘money talks & palm oil makes big money’ but at what cost ??
Orangutans are the face of anti palm oil, but it’s not just orangutans which are affected, many, many species live on the same land & are also being driven into extinction, forests are being wiped off the earth, whole eco systems will collapse & what humans seem to miss is when the eco systems collapse, we die, we need them for our very survival.
Palm oil is in so many things that we want to buy, BUT carry on buying them & eventually we won’t be able to breath.
PLEASE make better choices
the FUTURE depends on it
BOSFuk will be at #TEAMEARTH
as will OVAID
Come along & support the orangutans
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