The precious little reasons behind the #TEAMEARTH raffle

Here’s a video of LCRP’s newest family member being welcomed for the first time by our middle nursery group. He’s beyond excited and overwhelmed (you can see his smile is mixed with overexcitement) everyone vying for his or her chance to get or give him a hug! You can see that some of the chimps are even trying to help calm him. He was embraced fully and chose to stay with the group full time from this moment on. He now accompanies the group and their caregivers to their daytime play area and comes back to the house to sleep with them all at night. We’re thrilled and so grateful to all our little ones for their generosity of spirit!


I hope we can raise a big amount on the day, we have some great prizes !!

These little orphans have watched their whole families slaughtered for bush meat.

They have been, or would have been sold into the pet trade.

Thankfully, when news of Jimmy & Jenny moving to Liberia to look after the ‘Blood Island’ chimps spread the authorities finally started confiscating these sad little orphans, because they now had somewhere to home them.

The work Jimmy, Jenny & their team do ~ without proper facilities is amazing & now they have almost FORTY little tummies to fill.

Come along to #TEAMEARTH & buy your tickets to help build these babies a safe, forever home!!

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