#TEAMEARTH Raffle ~ Liberia Chimpanzee framed photos & adoption

Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection have just taken charge of orphan number FORTY in the space of just over three years.

Jimmy & Jenny moved to Liberia to take care of laboratory chimps abandoned by the New York Blood Center, then these babies started coming to them.

They have the land to build a sanctuary, a place to try & give back what has been taken from these babies who have seen their whole families slaughtered for bushmeat, their lives are spared so that they can be sold into the illegal pet trade.

A center needs to be constructed on the land ~ medical centre, quarantine centre, food prep etc etc at a SUBSTANTIAL cost, but don’t we owe it to them to try & right some of the wrongs bestowed on these little lost souls ??

The #TEAMEARTH raffle will be for these babies, to help build their new home & to feed forty little tummies.


Framed print

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Gloria was confiscated in the far north of the country and ultimately had to be flown to LCRP due to roads that were unpassable. Her first few days were full of strange people, places and travel. Luckily the Great Ape Survival Partnership and UN Mission in Liberia collaborated with us to get her here, minimizing the added trauma of transport after her mother’s death and living in horrible conditions for months.

Gloria arrived very thin and scared and needed a lot of one on one attention in a safe and loving environment. Arriving shortly after younger orphan Gola, Gloria had an instant friend with whom to spend her quarantine, offering them both a chance to get 24/7 surrogate mothering AND be with other chimps. Now approximately 2.5 years old, Gloria is an integral part of the older nursery group. While she gets along with everyone and loves to play, she is also very independent, spending a lot of her time exploring on her own. Gloria is introspective and seems to absorb all things around her in wonder. Gloria’s gorgeous face, lovely disposition and sweet little gallop endear her to all she meets.


Framed print

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Max arrived to LCRP at a very young age, estimated at only about four months old. Unlike many of the chimps who come to the rescue center, Max had spent very little time with humans between the time his family was killed and making it to the safety of proper caregivers. While he had a very traumatic start at a very young age, Max has done quite well with intensive 24/7 surrogate mothering. At LCRP we attempt to replicate what these infants would be getting get their real moms.

Max has grown into an extremely happy and smiley chimp who loves to play and laugh. Now approximately two years old, Max is a leader among the younger and even the older chimpanzees in the different nursery groups. He is a ham and loves getting attention, especially laughs at his antics.  While there is no way to replace Max’s mom or his life in the wild, we hope he has found safety, comfort and happiness here at LCRP!


My BEAUTIFUL sweet Gaia adoption

We are very sad to report that another little one was victim to poachers who killed her mother and family members for bushmeat and sold her off to the highest bidder.

Meet Gaia – she arrived at our house in the middle of the night after a very long drive from the village where she was rescued. She is the second youngest chimpanzee to arrive at LCRP, with no teeth yet and very, very small.

Unfortunately, while we are happy she was saved, money was exchanged, an expat ended up with her, and no report was made to authorities so her seller (and possibly mother’s killer) not only got away but may try to sell more chimps in this area to future workers coming from out of the country.

Gaia is a perfect example of why we ask people to please respect the laws and never buy illegal wildlife or take animals without making a full report to authorities. If we had been contacted at the time of potential sale, we could have very well caught her seller and investigated the crime to find the poachers who are killing wild chimps in the area.

Of course we welcome Gaia with open arms, and she will receive the best care we can offer. However, at her age, she is extremely vulnerable and we are very concerned about her survival.

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Gaia today !!

I just fell for this little girl, she was soooo tiny & vulnerable when she arrived, perhaps the first to arrive after I started following LCRP.  No teeth, couldn’t walk & no guarantees she would live. Now she has the cutest toothy smile & on the LCRP Facebook page you can see her take her first steps !!

Gaia is not up for adoption on the LCRP website as yet, as a special favour to me at this time, Jenny is offering a one off adoption for one lucky winner of the raffle. You can take her framed picture home on the day & Jenny will email you an adoption pack from Liberia.

I hope you will fall in love with her like I have !!

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