Another broken soul is on his way to Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection

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On his way … it just doesn’t end. 😢😢😢 Being sold in capital city on collar and chain. Please donate to help us care for these orphans, build them their proper home and stop the killing by supporting law enforcement fighting crimes against wildlife!



Yet another pair of puffy, sad little eyes are making their way to Jimmy, Jenny & the team, another little one, alone in the world, he would have seen his family slaughtered & now he sits in chains waiting to be sold as ‘a pet’, because that is really going to work out well.

He is actually one of the lucky one’s, the Desmonds started taking in these babies just over three years ago, he will be number FORTY !!

With Jimmy being a vet & Jenny having a huge heart, backed up by their team, they turn these little ones around, providing them with a surrogate human family & chimpanzee siblings & a dog aunty, allowing them once again to be chimpanzees amongst their own kind.

Just imagine what happened to the ones before the Desmonds arrived ~ doesn’t bear thinking about.

So there are now FORTY little tummies to feed, wages to pay, medical cost’s etc etc etc



You can donate direct with the above link, if you are coming to #TEAMEARTH, you can enter the raffle OR you can purchase a very special bear, donated all the way from Australia!!

(I shall do a post on the bear now)

PLEASE help these little orphans, they didn’t ask for this, they certainly don’t deserve this, WE, ‘humans’ have done this to them & WE need to help them, please give however you can


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