Two Great Men & one lovely video !!

I have had the great pleasure of meeting Ian, shortly after my first volunteering holiday in Namibia, a Facebook advert popped up for The Ape Alliance Annual Panel Meeting, which was being held in Bristol.

I decided to go along, Ian is the founder of Ape Alliance, he introduced us to Jimmy & Jenny Desmond of Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection, whom I fell in love with & strive to raise money & awareness for to build their sanctuary as well as Ovaid & SOCP, both of whom I share their information where I can as both do amazing work with orangutans.

I have attended some more of Ians meetings, my FAVORITE moment ever was when he read the field notes from the piece of paper he typed them on whilst working with Dian Fossey & was over the moon when he agreed to be a guest speaker at #TEAMEARTH

I find Ian to be a warm, gentle, engaging man & to hear Sir David Attenborough pay homage to him is just special, he spoke of meeting the gorillas with Ian, just as Ian spoke of the same moment at #TEAMEARTH

Two great men ~ enjoy the video !!

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