A letter to the elephants of Botswana by Beverly Joubert

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To Botswana’s elephants.

We’ve been together for over 30 years.

We’ve known many of you personally and we know that you remember us too.

We’ve seen how you initially viewed us with distrust as we pointed large cameras at you.

We’ve had you rock our vehicle when we were carrying ivory to be handed to authorities from a naturally dead elephant.

We’ve even had a couple of you overturn our vehicles over the years. But that was all long ago.

We’ve watched you relax over the last decade in our concessions, and over the last 5 years across Botswana when hunting was banned. We’ve seen how you are happy to share your space with us, knowing that you are safe.

We’ve watched how you play with your families and also how you mourn them.

We’re sorry that the guns you most definitely remember will soon be back, and that you will likely look on us once more with distrust. 

Just know, that we will keep pushing non-lethal conservation methods – which are out there, so that in time, we can live together as peacefully as we possibly can.


Beverly Joubert Photography

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