VICTORY for one of the Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection orphans !!

LCRP currently have FORTY TWO orphan chimps ~ confiscated from the illegal pet trade !!

ONE prosecution may seem like nothing, BUT when Jimmy & Jenny arrived in Liberia just over 3 years ago to take care of the Blood Island chimps, these babies were not even being confiscated as there was no where for them to go, now there is & there is hope that this will be the first of many prosecutions!!

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THANKYOU to Liberia authorities for stepping up for these babies!!

THANKYOU to Jimmy & Jenny & the team for welcoming these babies with open arms !!

Jimmy & Jenny have the land to build a home for these orphans, with proper facilities including a vet clinic, quarantine quarters & food prep.

They just needs the funds to build each phase ~ phase one has started !!

I am putting together a skydive to raise funds for LCRP to build the center.

This will most likely be in Swindon in August !!

Maybe you love the work LCRP do !!

Maybe you just like chimps & would like to be a part of the rehabilitation of these little ones !!

Maybe you don’t like chimps but would love the opportunity to do a sky dive AND for an amazing cause !!

Whatever your reasons, drop me a line expressing your interest & a Saturday or Sunday date in August & I will keep you updated as the event becomes finalised !!


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