It’s about to turn into a new decade ~ 2020 will see me do a tandem skydive for Gaia & her FIFTY THREE orphan siblings at Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection

Their whole families have been slaughtered for bush meat, ONE orphan can mean EIGHT to TEN adult deaths.

This is horrific, sometimes I can get my head around it a little because after all the people doing it are really poor aren’t they ??!!?? It doesn’t make it right or acceptable, but can I judge their circumstances ~ the answer I guess is to help them find another way & to understand why it needs to STOP !!

But then you come across ~ purely for profit

Image may contain: text

Smoked Baby Chimpanzee

served at the

Beatrice Hotel


I have emailed the hotel this evening, asking them from where they source the meat, I don’t expect an answer, but you too can email them to tell them what you think at

you can sponsor my tandem skydive

These babies need our help !!

Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection does not just give these orphans a home, they also fight for the chimps legal rights, it all takes money ~ please help me to help them help these precious little souls

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