#TEAMEARTH 2020 ~ Lion Farming, Trophy Hunting & Conservation ~ Guest speaker Peiter Kat

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Dr Pieter Kat is an internationally acknowledged expert on lions and is regularly consulted by African governments on lion conservation issues.

Pieter spent ten years working at the National Museums of Kenya to develop and enhance biological research programmes, including studies of biodiversity in the African Great Lakes, genetic diversity among bovid species (eg antelopes) of East Africa, genetics and ecology of predators of the Masai Mara and other areas (African Wild Dogs, Lions, African Wild Cats, Servals and Jackals), and diseases likely to affect predators across Kenya.

Pieter was then invited by the Government of Botswana to study lion populations and to make recommendations for their conservation, and established the Okavango Lion Conservation Programme in northern Botswana. The lion research focused on ecology, reproduction, disease prevalence and human/wildlife conflict. After twelve years in Botswana, he is now focused on a diversity of activities through the charity LionAid to assist the conservation of lions such as working with decision makers in the UK, EU and African lion range states to ensure better protection of remaining lions, seeking sustainable means of reducing lion/livestock conflict, encouraging further research on diseases threatening lions and calling for lion population surveys.

Pieter continues to play an important role in scientific research and has authored more than 70 scientific papers to date. He regularly works with media (Radio, television and newspapers) sharing his deep knowledge of Lions.

I follow Pieter on Facebook & when I asked if he would like to be a part of #TEAMEARTH2020 he immediately said yes, I look forward to meeting him & listening to his expertise on this subject. I have also found he has a book ~ Prides, Lions of Moremi, which is now on my books to buy list.

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Thank you Peiter for coming & being part of #TEAMEARTH !!

You can purchase tickets to this Bristol event at


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