Can anyone help with a bit of virtual reality please

I am looking at going into  ‘business’ visiting schools & other gatherings to do talks & workshops on why we shouldn’t be participating in captive wildlife interactions.

I intend to bring to the attention of those I speak to why we shouldnt cuddle cubs & walk with lions, ride elephants & donkeys, stand on the noses of dolphins, enjoy tiger temples & circuses or stop for selfies with performing street monkies & bears etc.

I would like to add a hard hitting element, short films showing the abuse that goes into preparing these animals for these activities.

I am not tech savvy at all, I am setting up with no money, I have heard that the Oculus is a good headset at a good price so I would love to hear from anybody who would be interested in making some films for me that would be compatible.

As I have said, I have no money, this would be a labour of love as well as of course your name on the work.

If you would be interested in being involved ~ please drop me a line.


An example of why I am doing this & the kind of content I am looking for

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