Sunday Thoughts ~ We need to help the sanctuaries who rely on tourism & wildlife volunteers

Whilst our first thoughts are to worry about the vulnerable around us regarding this sweeping pandemic, can I reach out to you for those who are doing amazing conservation work in sanctuaries ~ those relying on tourism & wildlife volunteers.

I am going to go ahead & assume any wildlife volunteers about to start the travel will or have already been grounded


If you are refunded can you consider donating some back to the cause you would have volunteered at

If you was going to visit a facility on your holidays, could you consider still paying the fee


you can visit the websites & do virtual adoptions ??

This pandemic appears to have started because of some cultures desire to eat wild animals ~ do we want the animals that have been rescued to now suffer through lack of funds ~ they are relying on us ~ PLEASE give if you can

If you would like to support a sanctuary ~ but not sure if they are deserving of your donation

(sounds harsh but there are some shady people out there)

feel free to contact me & I can suggest worthy organisations

PLEASE do not give to the WWF !!


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