This years Mothers Day is in a REALLY weird place

Next Sunday is Mothers Day ~ feasibly many countries could be in lockdown

Coronavirus is yet another wake up call ~ Mother Nature giving us a good slap, because we appear hell bent on destroying her

This Mothers Day give a gift that will make Mother Natures heart sing, a gift you can give even in self isolation

Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection currently have fifty seven orphans, mostly under five years old, every one of those orphans will have seen their mothers slaughtered infront of them possibly along with upto 8~10 family members, they will have tried & maybe succeeded in clinging to their mother as she was killed.

Let that sink in!!

This coming Mothers Day give a gift that’s not just for them, but also in honour of the mothers slaughtered for bushmeat infront of their babies.

You can virtually adopt a chimp here

Give the gift of love this Mothers Day

Johnny ~ one of the older orphans ~ spent his whole like on a chain drinking alcohol


Gola ~ a tiny, vulnerable two months old when she arrived


Pajoe ~ arrived with a dislocated shoulder & broken arm


Jack ~ lived in a backpack infested with ants



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