I LOVE N/A’AN KU SE ~ we could win TWO weeks volunteering

Two weeks volunteering at N/a’an ku se was my 50th birthday present to myself two years ago, it was two weeks that COMPLETELY changed my life, it’s why this page & my blog site exists, it’s why I went to the Ape Alliance Annual Panel Meeting where I met Ian Redmond ~ who, when I ask always says yes when I ask him to be a guest speaker at my events, that was where I came across Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue who I fell in love with & support with all my heart, it’s why I put on events ~ even though I really do it on a hope & a whim, & it’s why all the other things I have done since have happened.

N/a’an Ku se will ALWAYS be in my heart & I will ALWAYS go back ~ MAYBE for FREE ~ if you can help them in this time of need, pop my name in your donation ~ I would be grateful ~ if wildlife volunteering is something you would love to do ~ THIS IS THE PLACE TO START ~ age is no barrier, I have proved that ~ so be sure to book this AMAZING experience when the world is back to a more ‘normal’ place OR Just get your friends to pop your name int their donation for your chance to win!!


Spread the joy – not the virus!

We’re challenging you to spread joy and goodwill faster than any virus.

We need USD 50,000.00 to keep our sanctuary animals fed. Usually funds from ecotourism sustain the wellbeing of our sanctuary sweethearts, but with the world in lockdown, this vital source of income has ceased.

So, in the name of spreading joy, we have started a competition that will reward you and us. It’s so simple:
• Share this post with ALL of your friends and family
• Inspire them to donate in “your name” to the Naankuse
Foundation (“your name” to appear in the “donation
dedication” field)
• We’ll keep count of the names, and the person who
inspires the most donations will win a free two-week
Naankuse volunteering experience (yes, the world will go
back to normal)

Share this post, spread the joy and help us reach our
USD 50,000.00 target. Our sanctuary animals are relying on us and YOU!

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