April ~ adoption of the month ~ Bui

Bui was brought to Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection by a Peace Corp volunteer with the surname Bui. While we are very grateful Bui ended up in our care we also found out that his rescuer had paid for him, which while understandable, sadly leads to more killings of chimpanzees and the sale of more orphans as it feeds the trade and creates demand.

Bui arrived quite sick and extremely skinny. He had likely been held for some time by his captors after they’d killed his mother.  He had shrapnel lodged in his body in multiple locations and was severely dehydrated. Shy by nature and of course traumatized, Bui took quite awhile to emerge into the sweet, fun, playful and loving chimp he is today.

Now a toddler, Bui has grown into a boisterous little boy and has already made his way into the oldest group of chimpanzees at LCRP! His integration was slow and steady – we never push the chimps to transition until they choose to do so. Eventually Bui decided he enjoyed the antics of the older boys and girls and the playtime in the group and decided to stay for good.

Ultimately, when LCRP relocates to the forest at our permanent home, Bui will go with his group into the trees everyday and get to climb high and free. We are anxiously awaiting watching this once small and weak little boy in his natural environment once again.


You can adopt Bui for $50 ~ approx £41


For each person who adopts Bui in April, I shall send them a free postcard sized Bui fridge magnet

To claim you FREE magnet ~ just message me in the supporters group with a pic of your receipt

You can also get a Bui Bundle for £25

To order a bundle or individual items ~ just message me in the supporters group

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Postage in the UK is FREE ~ please ask for a quote outside of the UK

Postage will be £3.10 for individual mugs


You are welcome to join the group/order  goods from anywhere in the world !!

**Please be advised that whilst I have Jenny Desmond’s blessing to design & sell these items, she has no involvement in them other than that, this is something I am doing to help feed these little tummies ~ I am taking no money from the sale, the orphans will receive 100% of the profits**

Thankyou for joining the group & supporting the orphans !!

You can also take part in the Raffle


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