Important event in October ~ Lion Farming, Trophy Hunting & Conservation ~ an interesting debate between conservationists & trophy hunters

I can’t say ‘when things are back to ‘normal’, because I hope there is a new kind of normal, one where we reassess our ways of living, what we find acceptable, what we turn a blind eye to & what we give consideration to.


assuming we will have regained our freedoms by October, I do hope you will be interested in attending this event.

I have managed to pull together conservationists, a trophy hunter & a conservationist who believes trophy hunting is a useful tool for conservation.

Dr Pieter Kat of Lion Aid will be on the panel of speakers, he has been invited onto t.v debates with trophy hunters, only for them to back out & the shows to be cancelled. He believes that this event is really important as it is rare that you would get people at both ends of the spectrum in the same room to debate the topic ~ not sure how I pulled it off, I guess it’s all about having a vision & knocking on doors until the vision is realised.

We should be showing ‘Lions, Bones & Bullets’ a new film still in the making, following on from the success of ‘Cuddle Me ~ Kill Me’, the book I read by Richard Peirce which was one of the life changing moments in my life.

The event will be held at The Clifton Pavillion, adjacent to Bristol Zoo. Ticket prices includes access to the zoo should you wish & if there is time, it also includes coffee & tea, along with fruit bowls.

We shall show the film, then the panel will each have time to state their point of view & then the debate will begin, the audience will be invited to contribute questions.

I am sure we would all love to know why trophy hunters like to kill beautiful exotic animals & why a conservationists feels that trophy hunting is a good thing when so many others don’t ~ so come along & find out the answers

Tickets are available at Eventbrite at just £14.61 ~ there are a limited number of spaces.

If you would be interested in recording this event ~ please contact me

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2 thoughts on “Important event in October ~ Lion Farming, Trophy Hunting & Conservation ~ an interesting debate between conservationists & trophy hunters

  1. Hey! Did this event happen and if so, is there any recording?


    1. Hi, no, sadly covid put pay to that, I am however looking to reschedule hopefully next spring. Had an AMAZING panel of people lined up to speak, fingers crossed I can get them together next time !! I have seen a trailer for the film we shall be screening at my last event, it is VERY hard hitting & Richard who made it & who will be at the event got himself into some very sticky situations, will be a great event when it happens & yes, hopefully I can get it recorded, not often you get conservationists & ‘trophy’ hunters in the same room !!


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