Get Arty Chimping Competition Winners

SO the results are in!!

I should say that Ian Redmond OBE chose the winners.

I came across Ian when an advert for The Ape Alliance Annual Panel Meeting randomly came on my timeline soon after my return from volunteering in Namibia.

I went along to the meeting, Ian is the founder of Ape Alliance, he also worked along side Dian Fossey & was with her when Digit was slaughtered by poachers. Ian is a tropical field biologist and conservationist. His career spans more than 30 years in which he is renowned for his work with gorillas and elephants.

At this first meeting Jimmy, Jenny & Chance skyped in from Liberia to join in the discussion & that is where my love for LCRP began.

Since then I have been to several of Ian’s events, if you are living in or around Bristol, I would highly recommend attending. Ian was the first person to agree to be a guest speaker at my event #TEAMEARTH & will speak again at #TEAMEARTH2020 in October.

So Ian’s winners are

Eight & under

Florence aged 8

Image may contain: drawing

Nine to thirteen

Grace aged 10

Image may contain: drawing

Fourteen & over

Iona 22

No photo description available.

Congratulations to the winners !!

Ian said

Hi Debbie,

Flattered to be asked to judge an art competition!  Please could we post all these finalists on the ‘Inspired by Apes’ page of the Ape Alliance website?  I think they all deserve that recognition even if only one in each category can win.
In the younger category, I think Grace’s Monkey Bars appeals to me the most – not least because I spent so much of my childhood hanging upside down like that from climbing frames and swings!
In the older category, I love the sentiment behind the different but equal, and the haiku, but for attention to detail and capturing the exuberant fun of a play-chuckling chimpanzee, I think Iona’s painting is extraordinary.
Thank you for inviting me to do this.  Hope those who weren’t chosen are happy that their work will (if they give their permission) be on

 To all who took part, there are NO losers, I shall send you ALL a fridge magnet of one of the chimps & let me know if you are happy to be published on the Ape Alliance website!!

THANKYOU for taking part

teamearth logo monkey



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