Galgos Del Sol need help with some Podenco’s

I have been following GDS for about a year, they go above & beyond for ALL dogs that come into their care, whether they are paralyzed, broken backs, heavily pregnant (around 60 puppies have been born in the last couple of months), whatever they need, they get it at GDS, but they are already near capacity, can you help them in anyway with these Podenco’s ??

*** NEED HELP***

We have been asked to help 12 Podencos as the owner has been sick since the summer. His daughter is struggling to care for them and they need to leave urgently. They are losing weight and getting very stressed. We can’t take all 12 as we have committed to a mass street rescue soon and many more we are currently preparing to catch in the trap. We can take 3 or 4 of these pods. Can any other rescue help out? Send us a message if you can.


Nos han pedido que ayudemos a 12 Podencos ya que el propietario está enfermo desde el verano. Su hija está luchando por cuidarlos y necesitan irse urgentemente. Están perdiendo peso y estresándose mucho. No podemos aceptar los 12 ya que nos hemos comprometido a un rescate callejero masivo pronto y muchos más nos estamos preparando para atraparlos en la trampa. Podemos tomar 3 o 4 de estas podencos. ¿Puede ayudar algún otro protectora ? Envíenos un mensaje si puede.

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