Christmas is coming ~ the shops are SHUT !! So do something a little different ~ but HEARTWARMING

The orphans still arrive at Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection, thankfully not so quickly now that the law is taking action & prosecuting those in illegal possession of a chimpanzee.

Mary Beauty is the newest arrival & number SIXTY THREE, her nose is damaged from falling out of a tree, holding onto her mother who had been shot, Mary Beauty was just TWO weeks old

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I have said many times that an animals will to live never ceases to amaze me & tiny Mary Beauty is no different, in the short time she has been in the care of LCRP, her nose is healing, she is taking a bottle & starting to interact with Jenny, whom she is attached to 24 hours a day, just as she would be her own mother

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Mary Beauty is displaying such a strong will to live, despite all the trauma this tiny tot experienced in just TWO weeks of being on this earth, she is showing to be a little fighter, but she is not out of the woods yet

We are in the grips of a pandemic & why is that ~ because of mans interference with wildlife

Mary Beauty along with THOUSANDS of animals around the world is now in a sanctuary, her family all dead & an uphill fight for life on her hands & why is that ~ because of mans interference with wildlife

Our lives have to be very different now, we have to make more conscious choices because all this destruction of wildlife is because of us & now Mother Nature is fighting back!!

Surely, in this time we have had time to reflect, to make conscious decisions, better choices, less plastic, less waste, sustainable living on many levels & as Christmas comes, those conscious choices should continue, shops are shut, but we still want to give to those we love.

You can give the gift of a virtual adoption, this will help to feed & care for the orphans. For just £38 ($50), an amazing gift for both your loved one AND the chimps.

You can adopt here

Give the gift of giving back this Christmas

You can still watch Baby Chimp Rescue here

You can join our group

Give consciously this Christmas


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