Progress & the Future at Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection


As the work on phase one is ongoing, raising money for phase two continues, the whole project of three phases will cost around two million dollars.

The 100 acre wood will be home to the current sixty three orphans & all those that come through the doors in the future.

All the orphans at LCRP have been ripped from their dead mothers bodies, for each stolen infant upto EIGHT family members may have been killed trying to protect them/for bush meat, this happens when the infants are very young, recently Mary Beauty has arrived at LCRP, just two weeks old. While it is illegal to own a chimpanzee in Liberia, up until the Desmond’s arrived the law was never enforced as there was no where to place the confiscated infants, now law enforcement are stepping up for the chimps, confiscating them & even securing the first prosecution, this has seen a slowing down of arrivals which was predicted as the illegal ownership of a chimpanzee now has very real consequences.

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Mary Beauty now
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Mary Beauty on arrival

The arrivals of the Desmond’s in Liberia has been a godsend for the survival of Liberian chimpanzees as they build relationships in the fight against bushmeat & the illegal trade in chimpanzee ownership.

We need to help the Desmond’s to build some normality into the lives of these orphans which man has taken away from them, we can’t give them back their families, nor can they ever be completely wild, but once the sanctuary is built they will have proper facilities for prepping their food, quarantining new arrivals & chimps which may become poorly & a proper veterinary clinic, as some of the most important facilities.

Progress in Phase 1

Once the facilities are ready for the chimps, they will be able to spend their days in the woods ~ being real chimpanzee’s, swinging & foraging till their hearts content. Surely we would all want that for these amazing, innocent little beings who have seen so much trauma in their little lives.

Their are many ways to help the Desmond’s to build a new life for the orphans

You can donate here

You can virtually adopt here

You can join my group on Facebook where I share LCRP news & fundraise, so far I have raised £1000 for a skydive & over £500 for a raffle, next year I will organise a cake bake & maybe even a sponsored fire walk & much more

Everyone is welcome wherever you are in the world!!

You can see the plans & where your money is going here

Please help if you can, my son is adopting Gaia, whom I have followed since her arrival for my Christmas present, maybe you are still looking for meaningful gifts in these crazy times !!

The orphans will be extremely grateful as they get to live out their days in the most natural way they can !!


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