Organising a Cake Sale for Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection

SO, started work on the cake sale I said I would LAST August (sometimes I am on top of the game ~ sometimes I am just rubbish šŸ¤·) I anticipate it being in the spring (covid permitting). I have emailed Bristol City Council to see if I can hold my cake sale in the city center ~ if anyone is based in Bristol or surrounding your help will be most welcome if you would like to join in (maybe you fancy spending the day in a chimp costume ) ~ I would also LOVE other people to hold cake sales, whether it be on the same day or around the same time ~ wherever you are in the world you can take part.

I named my parachute jump ~ ‘Jump for Gaia’ I know you shouldn’t have favourites, but she is mine & now she is my virtually adopted best friend ~ so I could go with that theme & have ‘Bake for Gaia’ OR maybe something else, open to suggestions, perhaps we should do ‘In Memory of Princess’ !!

I have lot’s of ideas to make it special & to not only raise money but also awareness for the plight of our orphans pre arriving at LCRP ~ people just don’t know what goes on in the world (I also do stuff about lion farming ~ who would think that was a thing)

SO please suggest dates & say if you think you would like to take part ~ join me in Bristol, hold your own cake sale, or offer any suggestions ~ all much appreciated

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