Photo Fundraiser for Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection

Post a photo of your pet, will be lovely to see your furry friends or a wildlife photo that you have taken, you can post as many photo’s as you like, but for each photo you must donate £1, we are hoping to raise over £400 for the orphans.

The fundraiser will run until Sunday 17th January.

The prizes are

A signed book bundle for ‘Best Pet’ photo ~ ‘Rescuing Ladybugs’ by Jenifer Skiff, I have this book & learned alto from it, the Desmond’s feature in the book, ‘101 Reasons to Get Out of Bed’ by Natasha Milner & Barbara Royal & Animal Rescue by Patrick George

Koko the Steiff Chimpanzee for best ‘Wildlife’ photo.

The prizes will be picked by British actor & animal rights campaigner Peter Egan after the fundraiser has ended. Peter is an ambassador to Animals Asia and Limbe Wildlife Centre

You can enter wherever you are in the world, just join us at

Thankyou for joining in our fundraiser & raising much needed funds for the orphans & their new sanctuary.

Good luck

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