Please spare the time to read about a Chimpanzee Champion who lost his battle with cancer last nigh

I am not sure how many of you know why Jenny & Jimmy arrived in Liberia, it wasn’t to rescue the orphans but to care for ex lab chimps abandoned by the New York Blood Center.

Joseph had worked at the center ‘taking care’ of the lab chimps, when they were abandoned he did his best to care for them out of his own pocket, his story was told by Lindsey Parietti in ‘Blood Island Chimps’, Lindsey went onto make ‘Baby Chimp Rescue’, Jimmy & Jenny went onto rescue our favourite orphans.

Joseph sadly lost his battle to cancer last night, there is no NHS in Liberia, his family is left grieving with a BIG bill for his treatment ~ I have donated, can you spare a little to help Jenny in the last act she can do for a friend & fellow chimp champion, there has been so much loss the last few weeks at LCRP ~ small acts of kindness can help to heal the losses 🙏

Blood Island Chimps featuring Joseph

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