Watch this video then give a REAL gift of love this Valentines

Over the three years I have been following LCRP I have seen MANY orphans arrive, one little fella didn’t even make it, he succumbed on the journey, from teeny tinies like Gaia & Mary Beauty just weeks old to Chance found rocking with stress & a badly swollen head to Johnny, rescued at 10 years old & all the others in between in various states of ill health, it has always been pictures ~ but THIS ~ This video tells you ~ shows you just how broken they are when they arrive, this poor girl thought to be around 2 years old & only just arrived doesn’t know how good the future can be for her now, you can see in her face that she hasn’t decided whether to live or die, or if she hasn’t even got the choice, If this doesn’t break your heart today I don’t know what will.

Tomorrow thousands of people will celebrate Valentines day ~ a meaningless day really which people will spend millions of pounds on, but if you REALLY want to give a gift of love this valentines, give the gift of an adopted chimp because that really will mean something !!

In memory of the little boy who didn’t make it

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