May ~ adoption of the month ~ Poppy

Poppy, nicknamed Picky P, is one of the most vibrant, smiley chimps at Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection. Poppy came in with a smile and it never wavered, a miracle considering she was a very young infant who’d lost her mother and was confiscated at a checkpoint while her captors were trying to smuggle her through to the city for sale.

Poppy has a lot of energy, loves to climb and especially enjoys jumping from high spots to land on her chimpanzee ‘siblings’ or her caregivers. Poppy is smart, funny, and friendly, getting along with all of the chimpanzees. She spends her days and nights with the middle group at LCRP, her closest pals are Ella and Chance.

We know that any chimpanzee infant we meet means Mom and likely other family members were killed so sadly Poppy not only represents another orphan in LCRP’s care but also the death of many others. We were so lucky that she was discovered by rangers and that they decided to confiscate her and contact us immediately.

Poppy arrived small and thin but with the positive outlook she maintains today. She is confident and sweet but also mischievous.  Her growth has been wonderful to watch and she is getting to be quite tall as she blossoms.

We greatly look forward to getting her to the forest!


You can adopt Poppy for $50 ~ approx £41

For each person who adopts Poppy in May, I shall send them a free postcard sized Poppy fridge magnet

To claim you FREE magnet ~ just message me in the supporters group with a pic of your receipt

You can also get a Poppy Bundle for £25

To order a bundle or individual items ~ just message me in the supporters group

Postage in the UK is FREE ~ please ask for a quote outside of the UK

You are welcome to join the group/order  goods from anywhere in the world !!

**Please be advised that whilst I have Jenny Desmond’s blessing to design & sell these items, she has no involvement in them other than that, this is something I am doing to help feed these little tummies ~ I am taking no money from the sale, the orphans will receive 100% of the profits**

Thankyou for joining the group & supporting the orphans !!

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