Watch the orphans of Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection ~ Baby Chimp Rescue on iplayer

You can still catch Baby Chimp Rescue on iplayer…/episodes/m000d8xb/baby-chimp-rescue

REMEMBER ~ this was shot almost a year before it aired & at the end of the 3rd episode there was 30 orphans ~ there are now SIXTY !!

Thankfully the sanctuary building work has started, but money is still needed to complete the works AND to feed those sixty little tummies.

I have raised £1000 for a tandem skydive which will now happen when is it once again acceptable to strap yourself to a random man & chuck you both out of a perfectly good plane 😆

Now I would like to raise anouther £1000 with the raffle, there are some lovely prizes including a signed copy of Rescuing Ladybugs, in which the Desmonds feature & that night in a lovely cabin with an open air hot tub & free ranging bunnies & chickens.

The aim is to raise the funds to pay for the fuel store ~ £4,958

I have been really busy & tired lately as I work AND am now making resin jewellery, I shall be making pieces that will benefit LCRP, but new at it at the moment & still collecting bits & pieces ~ but watch this space!!

There are also these bits you can buy ~ mugs, magnets & note pads

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PLEASE buy some raffle tickets ~ we are just over quarter of the way there & now we have an end goal (fuel store) I know we can do it!!

I will also put together ideas on how you, if you feel inclined, can also raise funds for the chimps !!

Thankyou for your ongoing support, both for my efforts & LCRP!!

You can join us on Facebook

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